For Lutherans, worship is an ever-changing, ever-growing experience. Connected with and central to everything we do, worship unites us in celebration, engages us in thoughtful dialogue and helps us grow in faith. It grounds us in our Christian and Lutheran roots while demonstrating practical relevance for today’s world.

Come and join us for worship and we invite you to a deeper involvement by volunteering to serve in one of the key worship roles described below.  If you would like to speak to someone and learn more about how you can become involved in serving these ministries, please contact our Pastor – Lou Quetel, or our Music Director – Patrick Moynihan.

View the current Worship Team Schedule.

Presiding Minister

As an ordained minister, Pastor Louis Quetel normally acts as the presiding minister at Rejoice.  On the occasions where Pastor Lou is unavailable (vacation, sickness, etc.) then he will delegate the responsibilities to a lay presiding minister.

The lay presiding ministers, exercise leadership in the liturgical assembly. Appropriate training and gifts are required for this ministry, just as they are for ordained ministry, though the gifts and training may be different.  If you are interested in being a lay presiding minister at Rejoice please contact Pastor Lou.

Worship Leader (or Assistant Minister)

Worship leaders or assisting ministers are usually lay people who are selected to carry out roles in worship such as the readings and the prayers of intercession. Based on your skills, talents, understanding, and interest, assisting ministers will be trained appropriately.


The Rejoice Worship Ensemble is a dedicated group of musicians and vocalists who share in leading the congregation in the music component of Sunday worship services, as well as special worship events.  We play a modern rock/pop music format and believe in making a connection to Christ in both Word and song, and in challenging and encouraging one another in discipleship.

View the current ensemble schedule here.

Creative Arts aka Liturgical Arts

Greeters & Ushers

Greeters and ushers serve in our Welcome Ministry.  Become a greeter or usher and be someone who connects church guests with pastors or staff; with our fellow members; connect members with ministry programs, activities, rooms, schedules, etc.  You name it; you can help make the connection.

If you are visiting don’t hesitate to call on an usher or greeter for help.  You’ll find them at church entrances, sanctuary doors, and floating around the lobby area between services.  They are there to serve you.  Just ask them for help; they’ll be pleased that you did!

Communion Server

bread and wine for worship

It is an honor and privilege to be able to serve communion as a symbol of God’s grace to others in our congregation, and we make this opportunity open to all!

Six lanyards hang on the wall across from the elevator doors in the narthex. We invite you to take part in the worship service by serving communion.  You can hold the chalice of wine, the tray of wine and grape juice, or hold the basket to collect used cups (children welcome) – just take a lanyard.

Here’s a little more about how we serve communion.

Communion Preparation

Lay Preacher

You don’t need a theological education to preach. In Holland and Germany lay preachers are called “love preachers”.

If you are interested in preaching at Rejoice please contact Pastor Lou.