The Rejoice Social Network

BuddypressThe Rejoice Social Network is a place where members can make new friends and engage in fellowship – kind of like Facebook, but for just for Rejoice.

Members can create profiles, post messages, make connections with other members and create and interact in groups.

The Rejoice Social Network is made up of a series of features:

  • Profiles: You have fully editable profile fields to describe yourself. Update or add your profile now, and don’t forget to add or update your picture (avatar) while you are there.
  • Personal Settings: You can modify your account and notification settings directly from within your profile. Maybe you like to receive less email? You can do that right here.
  • Friends Connection: You can create a friends list similar to Facebook but that will remain private within the Rejoice Social Network.
  • Private Messaging: You can contact other members directly.
  • User Groups: You can create or join groups to share information on topics and ministries that interest you.


When creating a group, you have the option of making your group Public, Private, or Hidden.

  1. Public groups are visible in all group directories. The contents of the group – activity updates, events etc. – is publicly accessible. Anyone in the Rejoice Social Network can join a Public group.
  2. Private groups are also visible in group directories. The group name and group description remain available for all to see. However, the contents of the group are accessible only to members. Moreover, group membership is controlled: members of the broader Rejoice Rejoice Social Network must request membership, which can only be granted by a group administrator.
  3. Hidden groups are invisible to non-members. These group names and descriptions are not listed in the directories, and their contents are accessible only to members of the group. Because the group is unlisted, users cannot request membership. Instead, individuals can only join the group by invitation from a current member.