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Rejoice in the Spirit of Prayer

Concert of Prayer April 26 – 27th

prayer-concertSave the date for a very special marriage of people and prayer.  We all know how much the world needs prayer and we have also all witnessed first hand it’s amazing power.  We know it heals, it helps, it answers questions big and small and not at all, and is our direct line of communication with God.  He is pleased when we pray and misses us when we don’t.  To honor the Spirit of Prayer, Rejoice is going to celebrate its first 24 hour ‘Concert of Prayer’ and it just can’t happen without you.

On Friday April 26th – Saturday April 27th Rejoice will be open for 24 hours during which time you are joyously invited to come to the sanctuary to pray for whatever you see fit, and in whatever way you are most comfortable.  There will be a sign up poster with half hour time slots, and we encourage you to make some family time out of it and spend time together in prayer, or to come on your own and enjoy the silence and beauty of a deep and rich encounter with God.

Please sign up in the narthex for a block of time during our upcoming Concert of Prayer April 26-27.  In the next few weeks, some of our Prayer Ministers will be sharing testimonies & stories – read on as Helen Shullaw shares a few reasons to be a part of the Concert of Prayer.

Why attend the Concert of Prayer?

Because it’s …

  •  A time to reflect on God’s goodness, commit our lives to Him, praise Him for all that He’s done and will continue to do.
  •  A time to repent, confess our sins, and accept His forgiveness.
  •  A time to center ourselves, to remember our purpose in this world.
  •  A time to pray for our brothers and sisters at Rejoice and for those who have not yet entered our doors.
  •  A time to pray for the ministries and leadership of Rejoice.
  •  A time to pray for loved ones, our friends and families.
  •  A time to pray for those who are sick, sorrowing, and lost.
  •  A time to pray for our communities, our nation, our government, the world.
  •  A time to be still, and know that He is God.
  •  A time to listen and learn from God.
  •  A time of renewal, revival and restoration –  of starting fresh with God at the center of our Christian community!

Which one of these reasons speaks to you?  What is your prayer?

Please join us for a time of prayer and contemplation April 26-27. See the sign-up poster in the narthex!