Spiritual Gifts

What are your God-given gifts?  Not sure?  Take the spiritual gifts survey and then return to this page.

Scripture tells us that God gives us these gifts according to His grace, not as a reward for spiritual maturity. We can’t earn our gift, that’s why they’re called “gifts!” We don’t know what to do with these gifts, so we often put them away in an empty closet and forget about them.

Maybe you have a gift of singing but can’t seem to take that first step to ensemble rehearsal. Perhaps you have a gift of creativity but are too afraid to express your ideas.

Remember the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30)? Jesus tells us to use what we’ve been given. So open your closet, dust off those gifts, and put them into use!

How Can I Use My Gifts?

Review the sections below for each of your gifts, and check area where you think you would like to help. When you are finished you can press the submit button to receive a copy for your future reference.

Don\’t feel constrained if a particular possibility doesn\’t fall within one of your identified spiritual gifts, check it anyway! Scripture references are provided to help you understand the gifts.

\”Giver of all gifts, thank you for all you have given me. Help me rediscover my spiritual gifts and to use them in my daily life to bring glory to You and serve the needs of others. Direct me to my congregational ministries where I can learn to use the gifts you have given me and edify the body of Christ. In Your Name I pray. Amen.\”

Let\'s face it… sometimes even the best surveys may miss that which you are most passionate about! Are you talented or interested in something you don\'t see here? Or, maybe you see a ministry opportunity that you\'d like to pursue at Rejoice? Jot down your thoughts here - we\'d love to hear your ideas!
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Note: Not all of the gifts identified in scripture have been used. The spectacular gifts, such as speaking in tongues, healing and miracles, prophecy, and bold proclamation of God, and some of the non-spectacular gifts, such as martyrdom, and celibacy, have not been included. Although these gifts exist, they are not commonly utilized in the mainstream of congregational life.

Since the objective of using spiritual gifts is to unify and produce growth through service, only the service related gifts have been included.

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Review your Spiritual Gifts

Now that you’ve read about some gifts and maybe taken the spiritual gifts survey, consider these questions:

  • What brings me joy and fulfillment?
  • Have I consciously asked God to reveal my spiritual gifts to me?
  • Can I set aside some special time this week to read these gift descriptions and the Scriptural references?

Review the Scripture references of those gifts listed you think might be yours. Ask someone close to you to suggest the spiritual gifts they think you have. Then together re-review your selections.  You can come back to this page anytime – it’s at rejoicegeneva.org/spiritual-gifts.