A Sign, a Witness, a Foretaste of the Kingdom

In last Sunday’s message I retold Jesus words:

whoever comes to me, hears my word, and acts on them will be like the person who builds their house on a rock…

Listening is not automatic and it’s not easy.  With the multitude of devices, ubiquitous media, and plentiful distractions, listening to Jesus demands intentionality.  I start my day with prayer, silence, guided reflection and scripture reading.

When that is done I read the New York Times … and that is often a ticket to howling despair.  The serenity of the spiritual moment is rocked by the jarring realities of the world.  The stories in the news, like a giant magnet near a fine watch,  can disturb any sense of peacefulness and twist up the insides.

In the midst of a broken world the church is meant to be a sign, a witness, and a foretaste of the Kingdom!  In our own way the great calling we have is to be a community where love, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit is experienced.  And this takes place in hundreds of ways where people are gathered in Christ’s name.

This week I got calls from people telling me how their lives have been blessed by the way they have been welcomed so warmly by others when they came to Rejoice, and how the ministry of meals to the home meant so much.  In these simple acts in concert with worship, Rejoice becomes who we are: a Place where God is experienced, Community is Shared and Lives are Changed.

Never forget that you have a part to play in making Rejoice a sign, a witness, and a foretaste of the Kingdom.  When you show up with love and energy in ways small and large you have no way of knowing how God will bring blessing!!!!  This week take time to come to Jesus, listen to his word, and put it into practice.