Seasonal Priorities – What’s Next?

Town Hall Meetings

We will be holding these meetings to answer any questions you might have as we begin this process.

Tuesday 8/28/2018 Beattie’s Home 0S644 Branford Lane Geneva 7 pm
Thursday 8/302018  Quetel’s  0N542 Armstrong Lane Geneva 7 pm
Sunday 9/2/2018 Church (after service)
Tuesday 9/4/2018 Debbie Matthiesen 1419 Fairway Circle Geneva 7 pm
Saturday 9/8/2018 Grahams 318 Downtown Geneva 8am-10am

I will be working with the council, staff, and our volunteer leaders to craft a comprehensive ministry growth plan to ensure that we are laser focused on acing our seasonal priorities, as well as developing a plan on how to fund this initiative.

Join an upcoming town hall meeting to learn more.

What will our plan look like?

The details of the ministry plan are still to be developed. Our belief is that God will bless our efforts to fulfill our priorities, and the results will be more people engaged in ministry at Rejoice, more authentic relationships being built, we will have more people whose lives are being transformed by the life-changing love of Christ and his followers.

Simply put, we will see and feel more JOY! Isn’t that what it is all about?

What role can you play in this?

We need your buy-in for this to work! We all need to pray for wisdom, courage, and guidance throughout this season, as none of this will be possible without God’s help.  We are asking everyone to pray about what part God might be calling you to play in our efforts to live out the mission God is calling us to.

What if I still have questions?

There are more questions to be answered as this is just the first step in the process. Please join one of the upcoming town halls or feel to contact Pastor Lou or me with any questions you might have.