Meet Patrick Moynihan

Patrick Moynihan first became involved at Rejoice by playing bass for the ensemble at age patrick17. Now over a decade later, he is our Director of Music & Media, leading the music and visual component of our worship through contemporary song and composition. He leads a weekly-rotating ensemble of musicians committed to praise in worship, where the members believe in making a connection to Christ in both Word and song and in challenging and encouraging one another in discipleship.

Patrick has been inspired and encouraged by seeing God through the people of Rejoice. Throughout his years with Rejoice, he has seen the community not only grow in size but also in faith and to see His reflection in their lives inspires Patrick to strive to grow in his own faith. Says Patrick, “My faith has been formed within this community. I began my life at Rejoice in an entirely unexpected way. I found myself surrounded by love, compassion, acceptance, and a genuine sense and presence of God. I could only ask to be more involved. Now ten years later I’m watching our entire community rewrite who we are TOGETHER. I cannot be more excited about the action that God creates among us!”

Outside of Rejoice, Patrick is a professional musician performing throughout Northern Illinois and owner of Waveform LLC.  Through Waveform he helps creatives and small businesses prepare, produce and promote their message with unique audio, video and print media.  Patrick and his wife Jana, who is our nursery coordinator, are high school sweet hearts and were married at Rejoice in September 2008.  They welcomed their first child, June Elizabeth, in July 2014.

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