Meet Janeen and Jessica

Janeen and Jessica joined our staff August, 2015 and have brought such love, energy and creativity to our many Children’s Ministry programs.  Together their teaching philosophy for the children of Rejoice is to partner with their families to build in each child the foundations of a strong and beautiful faith life.  They do this by using a dynamic approach to teaching, ever changing and evolving according to the interests and talents of the children and their amazing volunteers!  They incorporate technology, hands on exploratory learning, games and innovating learning approaches.  The learning is then applied to community projects and services as well as to creating relationships within their faith community.

Hi, I’m Jessica!

I’ve been a member of Rejoice since 2005 and I can’t think of a place I’d rather be!  I have been married to Jeff since 2003 and together we have a beautiful, crazy, awesome family of 6!  Our 4 children are Joshua, Ava, Maxwell and Isaac.  We also share our hearts and home with my parents.  My mom suffers from dementia, and God is giving us the grace each day to care for her.  And we have two dogs, Cocoa and Dee Dee!   I have a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology and taught in the intermediate grades in the Naperville school districts for 8 years.  Rejoice has been a beautiful faith home for our family, always surrounding us with love and joy and giving us the opportunity to grow our faith and find ways to extend the Body of Christ to others.  Because of this, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to begin working at Rejoice with Janeen, who has been such a gift to me and to my family!  Together, Janeen and I work joyfully to continue to build and extend that same feeling to the other families of Rejoice!

Hi, I’m Janeen!

I have been a member of Rejoice since before Rejoice had a building! I have been married to Jon since 2000 and together we have a beautiful daughter, Jenna. Rejoice has been an important part of my faith journey and I feel truly blessed to be a part of the faith life of Rejoice’s children. I have a degree in Elementary Education and a passion for Early Childhood/Preschool. I am blessed to be working with Jessica, my amazing friend and partner in this ministry God has called us to. Together we have created a beautiful, caring environment for Rejoice’s children to begin their life long journey of faith.

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