kKoinonia (pronounced Koy-no-nee-yah), in brief, means Christian fellowship. It stems from the Greek word that described life together in the early church and means “to share, to hold things in common.” The early Christians “continuously devoted themselves to fellowship.” (Acts 2:42)

As those who are united with Christ, we are to share the life of Christ with one another in a way that results in individual and corporate spiritual growth. Clearly, such koinonia is not just a matter of attending one or two meetings; it’s much more than that.

Many congregations, including Rejoice, have one or more Koinonia groups. A Koinonia group takes on the personality of its individual members; no two groups are exactly the same. The groups do, however, share a number of important aspects: the members.

Each group of about 10-14 people commits to:

  • meet together on a regular basis (often twice a month)
  • be supportive of and accountable to others in the group
  • confidentiality
  • ongoing Christian study
  • stay in fellowship with the group for a given period of time (generally one year)

Within this framework, Koinonia groups may decide to engage in Bible studies, book studies, service projects, social activities and more. In addition, each meeting includes a time of personal sharing, mutual support and prayer.

Foremost in any Koinonia group are two characteristics: commitment and confidentiality. The small group size and the commitment to regular participation and confidentiality help foster deep, intimate, trusting relationships. To maintain and further develop these relationships, it is important that membership in a Koinonia group remains closed during the covenant period.

A Koinonia group provides an environment that enables Christian fellowship to develop and offers its members an opportunity to become better acquainted with one another, grow spiritually and receive support from fellow Christians.

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