Clear focus … ambitious priorities

Dear Members and Friends of Rejoice!

Where are we …. where are we going?

clear focus

Because Rejoice is a place where God is Experienced, Community is Shared and Lives are Changed we want to honor our mission with a clear focus and ambitious priorities!

Our desire is to take the initiative and get Rejoice to the next level of service and impact!

We have so much love, energy, and talent here. How can we take the gifts God has given Rejoice and make the most of them to bring blessing to our congregation and the neighborhoods around us?

Finding the answer to that question was the motivation behind our engagement with Intentional Impact. Over the summer council, staff and members of Rejoice have met with this outstanding team. In our meetings, we have come to a clear focus and keen unity on what we would like to see happen here at Rejoice in the next 18 months!

Seasonal Priorities

We are calling the next 18 months of our focused ministry our seasonal priorities.  In these months we believe God is calling us to do three things well:

  1. grow in our relationships with God,
  2. grow in our relationships with each other,
  3. grow the relationships with people who are not yet part of this community of faith.

At these meetings, it became clear that we will need to enhance the capacity of staff to organize, lead, teach, train and work with small groups, outreach, and leadership development. Simply put the needs to move forward will need a leader to focus and take us to that level. We are now in the process of creating a job description of what that position will look like.

This will be a fruitful and vital opportunity for Rejoice and I’m very eager to see this happen now. I feel deeply this is the right thing for us at the right time.

Gathering Ground

In the meantime, I’m so glad Rejoice is having coffee after each service at our Gathering Ground! Stay, share and take the initiative to welcome others during this time! Also, we want to do our best to do two things that will be helpful to us, start services on time (!!!)
and relegate our announcements to our bulletin and not after worship!


Neil and Cindy are here to help you get your announcements ready for the weekly bulletin and help you to drive the traffic to our website.  If you have an anything that you would like to be announced by us you can submit the details online here.

Let’s be frank … .this will be a cultural shift for us but in the long run, it is the way to go!

We have a lot to look forward to and together we will show up with love and take our mission to the next level!

God bless you and thank you for your partnership in ministry!

With much love,
Pastor Lou