Facilities Use

The key issue with loaning or renting our building (facilities use) to outside organizations and individuals for events other than worship services is that we, the church, can be held liable for accidents or injuries, even if we were are not the event sponsor.  It’s easy to assume that the group and its members would be accountable for their own actions, but often they aren’t.

As the property owner, we could ultimately be held responsible.

A secondary issue is security. Ministry items could be damaged or stolen while the building is open for other groups’ events. If we haven’t taken steps to secure valuables, we may bear the cost of replacing missing items.

We Require that Users Assume Liability

To limit the liability, we require all outside groups borrowing or renting our facilities to complete and sign this Facilities Use Agreement.

Facilities Use Agreement

The Facilities Use Agreement contains language requiring the user to:

Name Rejoice as an additional insured on their policy for any liability damages arising from their activities on our property, and to  provide a copy of the certificate of insurance showing that our church has been named as an additional insured on their insurance policy.

The liability insurance must have coverage limits that equal or exceed our own church policy limits ($5,000 medical payments and $1 million liability).

Indemnify, defend, and hold our church harmless for any liability claim arising from their group’s activities on our property.

There can be no illegal activity, no alcohol or drug use on our premises.  Firearms are prohibited on our premises.

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