Adult Mission Trips

Every day, in a million ways, members of the Lutheran Church are making the world a better place. In the far reaches of the globe, and right here in our neighborhoods. Lutherans aren’t folks who simply talk about their beliefs, we put them into action, whether that’s by making meals to share, helping friends through a time of need or maybe serving as part of a mission trip.

On a short-term mission trip (STM), you serve as a witness and ambassador for Christ wherever it may be, locally or internationally, in order to share the love of Christ. STMs are about serving and showing God’s love for people by meeting practical needs, and thereby gaining an audience for sharing His truth, and leaving the rest up to Him.

Again Jesus said, “… As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” – John 20:21.

A Rejoice STM is the mobilization of Rejoice church staff and members for a short period of time ranging from several days to weeks and months; short-term missions are usually called mission trips and typically involve the missionary in travel away from a home base.